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Brief introduction of Wan Yun glaze and the scheme of inviting investment and joining

About Wan Yun glaze

Guangzhou wanyun crafts CO.,LTD(Guangzhou's largest glass manufacturers) is the cultural and creative enterprises dedicated to the inheritance and development of glass art, design, development, production and sales as one of the set of glass art, heritage of nearly three thousand years of Chinese glass culture, the ancient lost wax casting method. After years of development, has now been developed including art ornaments, Buddhist supplies, business gifts, jewelry accessories, Home Furnishing decoration and other series products. The company has a large gift sales team, design team, manufacturing team and customer service team, to "high standards, high efficiency, high-quality" three high business philosophy, adhere to the "integrity is the survival and development of the road, service innovation is the take-off in order" business philosophy, the "Wanyun glass" brand as an international brand, do the most professional glass art boutique Chinese. In the course of several years of growth, our clients include ICBC, China Merchants Bank, Ping An Group, Huarun group, Wuliangye group, China Telecom, China Mobile and other top 500 Chinese enterprises. We will make unremitting efforts to continue to carry forward the art of glaze culture, so that the spirit of glass everywhere in the world.

Four advantages of Wan Yun glaze

1, high speed development

Wan Yun colored glaze, has 7 years of production and marketing experience, will take the lead in Guangzhou, Hubei and other large and medium-sized cities to carry out services, will soon establish a more than 10 thousand square production base in Hubei. With the Pearl River Delta as the center, gradually open up the national market.

2, quality advantage

Wanyun glazed summarizes 7 years of production experience, the domestic first-class level of quality, process from sculpture, mold, firing, polishing, etc., by more than 10 years of teacher supervision, make sure each piece of glass products are fine glass.

3, technical services and support

Wan Qi glaze team for franchisees, distributors and other professional training, including professional knowledge training, professional sales training, etc., franchisees can also carry out team service support.

4, achieve win-win situation

Wanyun Vaidurya and joining the team is more focused on a win-win situation, with glazed Wanyun convinced that joining the team of the local market with our headquarters resources, technology, service and sales support plus, can make to join the team to do the local Wanyun glass market.

Alliance cooperation regional agent

Cooperative objects: enterprises, institutions, groups and individuals who are interested in the development of colored glaze handicrafts;

Agent area: the agent area (city, county, etc.) and its jurisdiction;

Project scope: single project agent; or multiple project portfolio;

Contact us

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